A SDChain-based decentralized blockchain application for asset payment and mobile transaction


Built on the SDChain blockchain ecosystem

Easily manage multiple digital assets and redeem transactions


The wallet users can save the public and private keys by themselves based on decentralized wallet account management.

Safe and reliable

Applying the SDFT algorithm to provide the security,high performance and trust

Real and effective

Transaction records are traceable and cannot be tampered with. Users can query the transaction history of the wallet account.

Function introduction

Convenient, fast and efficient

Asset Management

Multiple assets, easy to manage

Support multi-wallet management

Multiple protections for asset security across public keys, private keys, and transaction passwords

Asset Management

Support storage management of various assets

Asset circulation

Capital flow is transparent and secured

Support both storage and transfer of multiple assets

The transaction record is on the chain and can be inquired at any time.

Asset circulation

Support convenient and fast transfer of various assets

Friend management

Fast operation, no need to fill in complicated addresses

Support multiple ways to add friends

Contact page to send asset transfer directly

Friend management

Support for adding new friends without having to fill in complicated addresses

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