Weekly Update(2019.05.28)


Community updates
Wallet & Browser Update
Version 1.4.0 of the wallet has been released. The main improvements are: interface updates, adding Google security validation, instant trading status and hash value presentation; and open digital trading password restrictions, which provide a smoother operation experience. Please delete the original wallet and download and install the new wallet. ( )
Blockchain browser web edition upgrade: This provides a better interface and a more comfortable visual experience
The Blockchain browser version has been released, providing more convenience and speed, enabling users to query transaction records anytime, anywhere.
SDChain CEO David Pan invited to attend the Kaohsiung International Forum 2019
The main focus of the forum was on "Digital Age, Regional Development and Cooperative Economy". David Pan, CEO of SDChain, was invited to participate in the Cooperative Economic Forum to talk about how the combination of Internet of Things and blockchain technology can promote the cooperative economy and realize commercial value.
FREE Airdrop Activities in Bishijie
At the "Kaohsiung International Forum 2019" organized by Yangmingshan Future Society under the guidance of Kaohsiung Municipal Government, David Pan, CEO of SDChain, announced: "SDChain is fully responding to Taiwan's STO opening policy and intensifying the launch of its SDAT Decentralized Exchange STO platform." In addition, in order to support this forum, promote the free exchange of compatriots across the Straits and lead the free development of the global economy, SDChain Taiwan, Europe, Africa and Southeast Asian community members jointly launched the Global FREE Airdrop Activity:
Leading figures from all walks of life gathered to support Liang Binxian, chairman of Taiwan Internet of Things Association (TIOTA), who was invited to preside over the round table
This forum focused on "Digital Age, Regional Development and Cooperative Economy". With digital economy and technological innovation in the blockchain as the main focus, Liang Binxian, chairman of TIOTA, was invited to participate in the "Technology, Market and Supervision of Digital Economy" Round Table Forum and act as the moderator of "New Opportunities for Cross-Strait Agricultural Cooperation".
Development progress
1. Studied the layered cross-chain protocol, realized the principle and architecture of cross-chain, understood the relationship among LINK, CrossChain Protocol, Transport and Application.
2. Studied the principle, definition and technical realization of ILPv4.
3. Fixed the bug of the authorization function of NFT heterogeneous assets in the SDChain-Matrix ERC721 standard and conducted regression tests.
4. Improved the developer-centered document, and added the introduction, interface specifications and examples of usage of NFToken heterogeneous assets in the ERC721 standards. ,
5. Completed the server-side code architecture upgrade APP debugging test.
6. Completed the upgrade of background management architecture.
7. Accepted and applied thes SDChain-Wallet (App Edition):
8. SDChain-Wallet (Web version) prototype design: wallet management and security center.
9. Accepted and applied SD-Holographic (Wap version):
10. Accepted and applied SD-Holographic (Web version):
11. Continued to support the SDA convertibility of ERC20.
Next week's plan
1. Research and summarize the cross-chain implementation principles and cases, formulate and demonstrate SDChain's cross-chain technical framework and standards.
2. Define the hierarchical architecture of SDChain cross-chain technology, and formulate the functional scopes and communication protocols of link layer, cross-chain interaction layer, transport layer and application layer.
3. Test SDChain-Matrix NFtoken RPC interface. Invoke NFtoken’s functional interfaces in the docking front-end application layer by Http and Https to debug the functions, and analyze the response speed and concurrency ability of the interfaces.
4. SDChain-Wallet prototype specifications: wallet management and security center.
5.Expect to complete 30% of the development of fingerprint-gesture and security module in the SDChain-Wallet (App version).
6. Continue to support the SDA convertibility of ERC20.

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