Weekly Update (2019.05.21)


Community updates
Adjustment of Official Operations and Communication Channels
In order to better strengthen community communication, promote the efficient development of the community, and establish an open and democratic mechanism in which all community members can participate, official operations and communication channels have been officially transferred to Telegram/Currency. Communities maintain daily communication, contribute to discussions, receive feedback and assist in solving related problems.
In the future, Battle Camp leaders will act as representatives and participate in the high-level monthly meetings of the Alliance to enhance communication. More community leaders are welcome to set up their own Battle Camps to jointly develop the six-domain community!
SDA |Six-Domain Chain Official Chinese Communication Group
SDAT Exchange Issues SUSDT
In order to meet the demand of USDT cross-chain transactions, the SDAT exchange, which will be launched in late June, will issue SUSDT on the six-domain chain and will exchange with USDT in an equal proportion. SUSDT: USDT is 1:1.
Return of Battle Camp Unlocked SDA and Habor Program Subsidy Release
The unlocked SDA released this week were locked-in between 2018.11.14 and 2018.11.20. The Habor Program Subsidy was carried out at the same time. It has been confirmed that all the returns and distributions have been completed.
SDChain-Iot & Taiwan Internet of Things Association Deliver a Joint Lecture
Huang Delun, general manager of QMI issuer Chuangyao Marketing Planning Company, which adopts six-domain chain technology, explained that in 2019, QMI community media launched the exclusive global Multimedia Hydrogen Water Station, positioning it as the recognized community media, with community interaction as the main method — in addition to the general action payment — but also combined with multiple payment methods such as encrypted currency. Multimedia Drinking Fountains function through the Internet of Things + blockchain technology to ensure the best quality. At the same time, they can accurately collect consumer behavior, so that advertisers can precisely target consumers with appropriate advertising exposure, communicating the follow-up benefits to them.  
SDChain CEO David Pan was invited to share his experience of blockchain at Taiwan Artificial Intelligence School
SDChain CEO David Pan was invited to explain the features of AI and blockchain technology to experts and developers in the field of artificial intelligence on the topic of "When Blockchain Meets AI". He summarized the application of Blockchain data in AI as: "AI lacks reliable data; Blockchain lacks smart data applications, and there exists a complementary, mutually beneficial and co-prosperous cooperation gap between the two. "
Development Updates
1. Completed the functional testing of NFT heterogeneous assets in the SDChain-Matrix ERC721 standard, including the functions of asset type, token type and authorization type. Verified and tested the functions provided in each functional type.
2. Completed the research of SDChain-Matrix cross-chain scheme, and studied the mainstream cross-chain technology implementation scheme, including notary mode, relay mode, hash locking mode and side-chain mode. Studied the principle and implementation of the four kinds of cross-chain mode, and compared their advantages, disadvantages and performance from multiple dimensions.
3. Completed writing detailed specifications of the different modules in the SDChain-Wallet (Web): login registration, assets, transfer and credit.)
4. Completed the instructions for Help in the SDChain-Wallet (App) and its multilingual translations.
5. Completed the modification of wallet and developer application interface as well as cutting and icon collation in the SDChain-Wallet.
6. Completed 50% of the server-side code architecture upgrade APP debugging test.
7. Completed 90% of the upgrade of the background management architecture.
8. Completed 60% of the development of SD Wallet App transaction module, including transaction and market historical bills and current commission.
9. Completed 10% of the international development of SD Wallet App trading module.
10、Completed 100% of SDChain-OSite - Download page WAP version UI design.
11. Completed the instructions for Help and its multilingual translations
in the SDChain-Holographic (Web).
12. Tested and accepted SDChain-Holographic browser (Wap version).
13. Completed 90% of design and development of WAP version browser.
14. Supported the SDA convertibility of ERC20.
Next week's plan
1. Study the layered cross-chain protocol, realize the principle and architecture of cross-chain, and understand the relationship among LINK, ILP, Transport and Application.
2. Study the principle, definition and technical implementation of ILPv4 (Interledger Protocol V4).
3. Fix the bug of the authorization function of NFT heterogeneous assets in the SDChain-Matrix ERC721 standard and conduct regression tests.
4. Improve the developer-centered document, and add the introduction, interface specification and examples of usage of NFT heterogeneous assets in the IPFS and ERC721 standards.
5. Accept the SDChain-Wallet (App).
6. SDChain-Wallet (Web) prototype design: wallet management, security center.
7. Expect to complete 100% of server-side code architecture upgrade APP debugging test.
8. Expect to complete 100% of the background management architecture upgrade.
9. Expect to complete 100% of SDChain-Wallet (App) transaction module development (transaction, market, historical bills, current commission).
10. Expect to complete 100% of the international development of SDChain-Wallet (App) trading module.
11. Release a new version of SDChain-Wallet (App).
12. Complete the UI modification of SDChain-OSite.
13. Expect to complete 100% of the Wap version browser design development and testing.
14. Continue to support the SDA convertibility of ERC20.

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