Blockchain + Internet of Things, hundreds of billions of connections will be born the next giant, once again redefine our lives!


Blockchain + Internet of Things, hundreds of billions of connections will be born the next giant, once again redefine our lives! The company is located in:

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There is no doubt that the blockchain and the Internet of Things are two hot words in current technology.

The Internet of Things, as the main medium for extensively connecting the physical world and the virtual world, on the one hand to establish interoperability and efficient coordination among different types of users and objects in the physical world, and to promote the continuous improvement of efficiency and effectiveness in all fields of industry and promote the new "smart revolution ".

On the other hand, tens of billions of Internet of Things potential terminal size and high transaction concurrency will continue to create massive, high-value digital asset resources for the blockchain, and promote the establishment and implementation of the network credit system and value system The common prosperity of digital ecology and physical ecology. The combination of the Internet of Things and the blockchain will create a new infrastructure for everything connected.

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If, mathematically, some problems are of order of magnitude different, higher calculus than addition is needed to solve the problem. How can we still solve the problem 30 years ago after we came to a world of more than 50 billion networked devices? ?

In the past, people may explore how the Internet of Things will happen in the middle of the 21st century. However, with the impact of the development of the Internet on the Internet of Things, it can be very sure that all things are inevitable.

What are the characteristics of all things:

Fully aware

2. Reliable transmission

3. Low power consumption, low cost

4. Assign as needed

5. Intelligent processing

6. Billions of trading volume

The following points laid the inevitability of all things


2. Smart products

The demand for iterative expansion

Since all things are inevitable, the "smart revolution" has sounded the horn. It is necessary to think about this perspective. Can the blockchain and the Internet of Things be a powerful weapon to boost the economic development of the real economy?

It can be speculated in the near future, the so-called third-generation blockchain technology can also be called a blockchain has been hard to say, because removed the "block" also removed the "chain", the more regression is distributed ledger ( Distributed Ledger technology.

Blockchain-based distributed ledger technology fills the five key vulnerabilities of the Internet of Things

1. In the above typical scenario, the distributed chain book based on blockchain can provide trust, ownership record, transparency and communication support for the Internet of Things.

2, It should be noted that the IoT community will develop a private chain in a few years, in an extremely safe way to save the transaction information. IoT architecture that collects and stores data using centralized servers can write information into local books and synchronize with other localized books to ensure the security and uniqueness of the facts.

3, the block chain all Internet transactions to add timestamp to ensure future generations available;

4, the real innovation of blockchain lies in the digital protocol or smart contract, which can be applied to blockchain data and enforce commercial terms in IoT communication.

5, one of the biggest flaws in the Internet of things is that security standards are not in place. Blockchain with high-end encryption technology can solve security problems.

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Blockchain technical characteristics

Blockchain is a shared distributed database technology. Although the wording of the phrase in the blockchain in the different reports varies, however

The following six technical features are consensus:

Decentralized decentralized

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Trustless does not need to trust Trustless transactions between all nodes in the underlying system are also possible because the operations of the database and the entire system are open and transparent. Nodes can not deceive each other within the rules and time frame of the system.

Traceability traceable "chunk" + "chain" = time stamp: The chunkchain keeps all nodes across the network capped with a time stamp on each chunk, indicating that this information is written this time Into the formation of a can not be tampered with, not forgery of the database. Timestamping can prove that someone did something on a certain day, who can prove who the creator of the first event was. The proof of "existence" of anything becomes simple. Every transaction on the blockchain can be traced back through the chained structure

Collective Maintenance The Collective Maintenance System is maintained by all the nodes in it that have maintenance functions and all the people in the system are involved in the maintenance work.

· Reliable Database Reliable Database System Each node in the database has the most up-to-date copy of the complete database. Modifying the database for a single node is not valid because the system automatically compares the same data records that appear most often to be true.

· Asymmetric cryptography Asymmetric cryptography When A transfers an asset to B, he encrypts the transaction using B's public key and then publishes the transaction information to the entire network. This transaction can only be opened by using B's private key. The asymmetric encryption algorithm using elliptic discrete logarithm is very safe. Without the private key, it is very difficult to crack and the possibility is almost zero. With the strict encryption algorithm and authentication system, the blockchain truly realizes Credit.

Blockchain technology can be said to be perfect in the anonymous trusted data transaction of object-based objects in the Internet of Things. The largest value of the blockchain lies in the Internet of Things. Distributed storage, the time chain is an important guarantee for data security, the realization of the transmission and communication is the network to improve the efficiency of the best way.

Internet of things as a new generation of information technology, its value and meaning are generally recognized by the community. Internet of Things industry has been the initial development of large-scale application of the conditions are rapidly forming, industrial development will enter a critical period. However, there are still many problems in the Internet of Things industry at this stage, and the development conditions are restricted. Due to the complexity of the Internet of Things (IoT) convergence with the industry, the high cost and difficulty of applying IoT and the prominent problems of security and privacy, etc. At the same time, at present, the Internet of Things industry is dominated by infrastructure construction and local application innovation. The enormous value of integration with various industry fields has not yet been deeply tapped.

Back to the value brought by the blockchain, some people would say that this is a process of letting the past net be a network for exchanging information and turning it into a technology whose value can be transferred.

Through various blockchain technologies, digital technology is really synchronized with the physical world. If this is the possibility, it will really achieve the transfer of value.

For example, in the past, I shared a piece of music for you, that is, I copied it to you. You and I, too, have the music. Apple and Spotify are all solving this type of problem and have created their own closed ecosystem to protect their music assets. This is still built in the closed ecosystem.

Through the blockchain technology, I can share a song for you, but sometimes you do not have both at the same time. This is a feature possessed by the physical world but can not be found in the past online world. Thus limiting the value of the digital world. But blockchain technology, synchronized entities and the digital world.

The features that make it possible to do anonymous trust transactions can also be the basis for a myriad of things-to-world IoT transactions. This can already be seen in several emerging IoT international standards.

All kinds of infrastructure to solve all things networking is bound to be rethought, rather than using the past look of the network to design, if we continue to use the past method, just let the original network giants have the advantage, but if we think about, in the giants center The reactionary force that will be produced under the force of action must be the new opportunity.

Things in the field of Internet of Things

Specifically: First, the industrial chain of chips, modules, equipment, networks, platforms, applications, data and services is long and involves a number of technical fields that have not yet opened up and the value channeling has been slow. Secondly, various types of industries The cooperation system, trust system and value system between users, object objects, sensing control devices, service platforms, regulatory platforms and third-party resource systems are not yet perfect, which makes it difficult for them to integrate into the industry. Thirdly, manufacturers or The service provider's centralized IoT platform mostly possesses the authority to collect and analyze user data and control user equipment without user authorization, posing a great threat to user privacy and security.

In addition, due to the complexity of the integration of the Internet of Things and the traditional industries, as well as the relative lack of market operators and closed-loop business models, the development is relatively slow. First of all, we need to sort out the framework of IoT integration with traditional industries. More importantly, there is a lack of an effective network credit guarantee mechanism, that is, how to ensure the legal identity of IoT devices, data validity, and data delivery in different systems The authenticity, consistency and non-tampering of the process will be the key determinants of whether the Internet of Things can play a significant role in innovative applications such as agricultural production, supply chain traceability services, and financial insurance services.

Six domain chain to solve the industry pain points

In May 2015, Dr. Shen Jie was invited to participate in the recording of the "dialogue" of the CCTV program. "I received a phone invitation from the program group that day. The program group said that the theme of the discussion was 'IoT standard setting battle' and would like to invite me to participate in the past To share, I was very excited over the phone, I am not excited to participate in CCTV programs, but I can participate in this country IoT standards developed intense fighting process to share with people know, let everyone feel together Not easy with honor. "(Reference video:

Dr. Shen Jie, the overall leader of the national IOT working group, is an authoritative expert in the field of Internet of Things. With 15 years of experience in the Internet of Things, he represents China's leadership in developing the world's first IoT reference architecture international standard ISO / IEC 30141, Network of "six-domain model," the proponent and editor. Six-domain chain is a global integrated Internet of Things "six-domain model" international standard and distributed blockchain reference architecture standards, give full consideration to the technical characteristics of IOT and commercial ecological construction needs, digital asset issuance, user credit identity management, P2P communications, Encryption algorithm, Consensus algorithm, Intelligent contract, Cross-link contract mode, Market consensus encouragement, Decentralized DApp, Quick access to new services, etc., based on the existing blockchain technology, optimize in depth to protect the six domains Benefit from the benign, rapid and sustainable development of the chain business ecology and the symbiotic symbiosis of the currency, chain and industrial internet of things, efficient circulation and value transformation of credit digital assets and the establishment of a global benchmark for promoting the development of real society through blockchain and internet of things .

Internet of things is the third wave of information industry industry, is the fourth industrial revolution under the support of physical information system, from the industrial system, national security point of view the importance of IoT standards, once the national and national information by the Internet of Things After the system is perceived, the enemy country can know us well and the security and sovereignty of the country will be forced by the hostility of the enemy. On the other hand, it can also be seen that the important value generated by the Internet of Things itself includes social value, market value and economic value.

IoT international standard-setting dominance for ordinary people may not have any concept. However, whoever controls the development of standards has the market initiative, which is a battle of no smoke between nations and the strength of power between countries.

Although the Internet of Things has gone through more than ten years of early development, but still encounter many bottlenecks, how to break? The advent of blockchain technology has given the battlefield of this "smart revolution" more powerful weapons. Can the blockchain and the Internet of Things be a powerful weapon to boost the real economy? We'll see!

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