【Information】 Six regional chain to host the Chinese community meeting, focusing on the block chain and the Internet of Things combination


On August 24, SDChain China Community, organized by the Six-regional Blockchain Foundation, organized by six regional blockchain laboratories, mutual trust blockchain technology and Raven blockchain, will meet in Shanghai Bund W The hotel is held smoothly.
It is reported that this activity was moderated by Doctor of Economics and renowned financial anchor Ma Hongmao and invited to Dr. Shen Jie, David Pan, Director of Asia Market for ARM Corporation, Wang Yuehua, Partner of Wheelock Veyron, Yingzhen, Chairman of Hanyuan Group, Ji Bochao, Chairman of Nanjing Hui Tong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Xu Zhiguang, Chairman of Shanghai Engu Information Technology Co., Ltd., Xi Jun, Chairman of the Board, Wang Yi, Director of the National Center for Technology Transfer, Li Xiangmin, Founding Partner of Xiaozuo Investment, Xu Yuchun, Director of Blockchain Specialized Committee of Wuxi Software Industry Association, Mr. Liu Jialin (Mr.Crab), Mr. Liu Peng Sir, guests from all walks of life, such as Liu Taihong, vice president of Shanghai Sichuan Chamber of Commerce, attended the conference.
At the event, Dr. Shen Jie, the core member of the six domain chain community, made a wonderful speech for everyone on "SDChain - a new engine of smart revolution". From the introduction of the project, he introduced the development status and future plans of the six domain chains.
Next, the core developers of the six-domain chain introduced the technical overview of the six-domain blockchain and introduced the technological breakthrough and innovation in the combination of the six-domain chain in the blockchain and the Internet of Things.
The event also involved in sharing the six domain chain of eco-partners, including Mr. Geng Lifeng, director of China market, ARM shared as a giants of the Internet of Things industry participants deeply involved in the industry experience and analysis of the future. Another partner, Dr. Xu Zhiguang, from HNGT, introduced the thinking of combining the health area and the six-domain chain. He also said that "as a typical industry application of Internet of Things, in the field of large health, Chain device identity rights management, intelligent contract mechanism, data security and privacy protection, data resources trading trust mechanism, and other areas, the full implementation of the six-domain chain of health applications. " Finally, Mr. Ji Bo Chao, chairman of Nanjing Huitong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., introduced his experience of helping smart and networked Shanghai's more than 700 commercial parking lots in two years and gradually building the largest smart parking and sharing network in a single city nationwide. In the six-domain model, Qualcomm will help owners, operators and users of parking lots to create a blockchain-based trusted transaction settlement environment that enables millions of safe, reliable and accurate parking transactions every day.
It is reported that six domain chain is the world's first Internet of Things integration of the "six-domain model" international standards and distributed blockchain reference architecture standards, give full consideration to the technical characteristics of Internet of things and commercial ecological construction needs, digital asset issuance, user credit identity management , P2P communication, encryption algorithm, consensus algorithm, intelligent contract, cross-linked contract mode, market consensus encouragement, decentralized DApp and rapid access of new services. Based on the existing blockchain technology, So as to ensure the benign, rapid and sustainable development of the business in the six-zone chain business, realize the symbiotic symbiosis of the currency, chain and industrial internet of things, efficiently realize the circulation and value transformation of digital assets under credit, build the blockchain and the Internet of Things to promote the real society The global benchmark for development.
In the final roundtable forum, guests held a lively discussion on "How the Internet of Things and the Blockchain Chain Drive the Real Economy?" Dr. Shen Jie, who just represented China in the development of the world's first IoT reference architecture international standard ISO / IEC 30141, shared his thoughts on the development of industry standards. Mr. David Pan, Asia Marketing Director from global IoT device chip giant ARM We introduced the future layout of ARM in the Internet of Things industry. Mr. Wang Yuehua, a partner of DFG Longfeng, who is the representative of the investment institution, expressed his opinion on the Internet of Things market and ecological layout from the perspective of investors with many years of successful investment experience. Ladies and gentlemen, based on their own deep plowing field, cherish a beautiful vision of the six-domain chain project and the development of the link between blockchain technology and the Internet of Things.
The conference invited entrepreneurs and technical experts from various fields such as internet of things, blockchain, technology and finance, as well as many honored guests such as many senior media friends to gain unanimous approval and praise. The next six domain chains will also Released with various industries landing applications.

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