SDChain Forms Alliances to Create an Efficient Property Management System Solution That Can Be Quickly Deployed


Toronto, March 22th, 2018

SDChain Forms Alliances to Create an Efficient Property Management System Solution That Can Be Quickly Deployed

The SDChain Alliance announces partnerships with Feng Sheng Digital, a company committed to the full range of enterprises covered by the IoT system services and deployment, and BMD Marketing and Technologies, whose leading edge software and hardware integrate technology for the Internet of Things. Together, these partnerships enable companies to quickly deploy and apply highly efficient solutions for property management, smart homes, medical care, agriculture, and other applications in the field.

SDChain's first project with Feng Sheng Digital and BMD Marketing and Technologies will introduce digital token SDA as an incentive mechanism for data transactions in property management applications. Through the integration of the Internet of Things and blockchain, the property management system will be more efficient and give more value to the data.

Jeff Chen, Chief Executive Officer of Feng Sheng Digital , said, "With our highly integrated capabilities — professional hardware research and development — together with the software and hardware of BMD Marketing and Technologies and SDChain's state-of-the-art blockchain technology optimized for the Internet of Things, we can provide customers with more effective solutions. In addition, as part of the ecosystem of the Internet of Things, through mutual collaboration with other partners, we can also expand our business opportunities.” David Pan, CEO of SDChain also said, “We are very pleased to enhance the software R & D resource of the SDChain Alliance by participation of Feng Sheng Digital. The high integration of software and hardware is the key to the success of various Internet of Things applications."

The efficient property management system generated by the collaboration of SDChain, Feng Sheng Digital, and BMD Marketing and Technologies, which aims to start a project in June this year, is expected to significantly reduce the additional costs derived from deploying time and maintaining manpower.

About Feng Sheng Digital Co., Ltd.

Feng Sheng Digital is committed to Internet of Things education and training. Consquently, the company has introduced a complete set of systems for the Internet of things that help enterprises complete the introduction of services, build wireless sensors, collect relevant data, collate in-depth data and conduct analysis, output recommendations for decision-making, and, through IoT technology, make life happier and safer.

About BMD Marketing and Technologies Co., Ltd.

Established in Taichung City, Taiwan, BMD Marketing and Technologies, with its expertise in software & hardware development in the field of Internet of Things, provides customers with product technology and marketing services and assists them to develop new competitive products according to market needs. These products are then promoted to the global market through internet marketing.

About SDChain Alliance

The SDChain Alliance, established in Canada, makes full use of blockchain for different IoT applications, providing efficient decentralized services with a globally-integrated ecosystem of blockchain and IoT.

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