Weekly Update (2018.5.20)


Project Progress

1. The exchange will be connected to blockchain-mapping and SDChain is currently working with Rfinex to coordinate and develop this.

2. The development incentive plan for the SDChain technology community will be announced in the near future. Please pay attention to the latest announcement.

3. The SDChain technical team initially approached the "Sm@art Library" and "Spider OYO" to discuss the feasibility of implementing projects on SDChain.

Community Building

1. In April, the SDA AirDrop for the overseas telegram group of the SDChain Community were distributed one after another. This event brought together 38,000 people, among which 30,001 people received SDAs. 

2. Upgrading of the WeChat Group in the SDChain Communities in May: There are 112 exchange groups in the SDChain Community, and 37 groups have participated in group upgrade activities.

3. Incentive “red envelopes” for community groups will be distributed on May 19. The group with the largest total number of speakers will receive 168 SDAs.

4. On May 15, the Q&A activities for both English and Chinese telegram groups were over. There were 871 participants who got right answers for all 10 questions.

Upcoming Events

1. Weibo 520 Activity: Falling in Love with Six Domains "Love".

First, after “forwarding + following” those adding 3 friends will be able to participate in the lucky draw, with winners eligible for:

6 First Prizes, 520 SDAs for each person.
30 Second Prizes, 66 SDAs for each person.
100 Third Prizes, 10 SDAs for each person.

Second, Comment Draw. The official will use the @Weibo drawing platform to select 50 messages, with the writers each receiving 30 SDAs.

Third, 520 exclusive comments:

Notice column: Reply to the "Comments column” and add those you would like to court; for each successful proposal, the pair will receive 66 SDAs, limited to the first 50 pairs on the @Weibo drawing platform; the number of points ranked 1 will receive 1314 SDAs.

Single bar: Replying to the "single bar" comment, with the top three ranked points receiving 520 SDAs.

2. WeChat 521: Six Domains "Love" Blind Date

Welcome to the official WeChat group: 521 six domains "love".
The young women here are beautiful and lively, and they are eye-catching; the young men here have unlimited potential and hold more than 10,000 SDAs. (single young females receive 66 SDAs in the group.

Add six domain matchmaker WeChat: sdchain03, fill in personal information, audit through the group after that you can receive a "red envelope from getting rid of being single"

Global Community Progress

1. Overseas: On May 16th, the SDChain Germany community meetup activity was successfully held. The meeting announced that the SDChain Germany community was formally established and formally signed an agreement with the eco-partners. The participating partners include Robustel and TPP (real estate trading platform based on SDChain), Ares (blockchain-based gaming platform) among others.

2. China: Between 18:30 – 21:00 on the evening of May 18, Lisa, a SDChina technology partner, was invited to participate in the offline activities of the WG20 Community. The guests were given a detailed introduction to the SDChain and the progress of the project and operations.
3. Taiwan: On May 19, the Taiwanese community will participate in the offline exchange Crypto Clan Meetup, which will present the development trend and latest information on blockchains and cryptocurrency.

Development Progress


1. Completed the debugging functions of SDChain-Matrix mbed-OS SDK MbedJson Encode/Decode and DUMP;
2. Completed the SDChain-Matrix mbed-OS SDK's interface for submitting payment requests, obtaining payment information, obtaining payment details, and obtaining payment history details;
3. Completed the basic information interface of SDChain-Matrix mbed-OS SDK such as default rate, server information, server status, and block height, and changed the default number of SDAs held by the account to 0.6;
4. Completed instruction set definition, function clipping, and static compilation of virtual machine for the SDChain-Matrix smart contract virtual machine;


5. Optimized the operation process of SDChain-Charger's SDChain user wallet, simplifying the operation method;


6. Completed the functions of SDChain-Wallet-App Android Buy, Sell, Current Pending List, and History Pending;
7. Optimized SDChain-Wallet-App iOS scan code transfer, scan code to add a friend transfer user experience;
8. Optimized SDChain-Wallet-App iOS asset interface activation wallet function;
9. Completed the SDChain-Wallet-App iOS transaction history screening function;
10. Completed SDChain-Wallet-App iOS freeze balance rule update;
11. Completed the SDChain-Wallet-App ios select wallet, set wallet separation;
12. Completed the localization of the SDChain-Wallet-App ios project;
13. Fixed SDChain-Wallet-App iOS experience BUG;
14. Completed the SDChain-Wallet-App iOS project package, uploaded the Dandelion platform 1.0 beta version and uploaded the AppStore review.


15. Optimized the SDChain-Cable transactions function, supported the provision of multiple types of array filter records;
16. Optimized the SDChain-Cable orders function, removed restrictions on searching account, therefore of being capable of filtering all orders, and providing parameter filtering for buying and selling types;
17. Repaired SDChain-Cable’s bug of data conversion error while transactions query type is offercancel;


18. Completed the design and coding of SDChain-JAVA-SDK transactions module;
19. Completed the SDChain-JAVA-SDK trustline module design and coding implementation.

Plans for Next Week

1. To complete the Demo template of the SDChain-Matrix mbed-OS SDK, functional testing of SDK on IoT device NXP FRMD chip
2. To complete the integration development and testing of the SDChain-Matrix smart contract virtual machine on the node main program;
3. To complete the storage of the SDChain-Matrix smart contract script and the loading of scripts in the smart contract virtual machine;
4. To complete the dynamic acquisition function of frozen assets of SDA currency of the SDChain-Wallet-App-Android;
5. To complete the market display function of the SDChain-Wallet-App-Android's secondary asset currency trading;
6. To complete the wallet import function of the SDChain-Wallet-App-Android;
7. To optimize the SDChain-Wallet-App iOS project user experience;
8. To complete the SDChain-Wallet-App iOS credit function development;
9. To build the SDChain-Wallet-App iOS trading module;
10. To optimize the order function of SDChain-Cable products and reduce and integrate interface parameters.
11. Continue to follow the main network mapping work of other exchanges.

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