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In 1999, the concept of Internet of Things (IoT) was first introduced. The innovation centered on user experience was the better integration of objects and changes in the world.
However, the traditional IoT has three major issues: cost, data value and privacy security. Six-domain chain (sdchain) deeply integrates the Internet of Things with the blockchain technology, from three aspects: reducing the cost of interconnecting traffic data, protecting data privacy and enhancing data value Cut into, solve the pain point of the development of the industry. Simply put, the six-domain chain (sdchain) is connected to the physical world of physical information and network information; data from the real physical world, the value of the data into the physical system to achieve symbiotic co-prosperity of the virtual economy and the real economy.
Xiaobian online to find the introduction of the founder of six domain chain, found that they are from this team are Tsinghua University Peking University students, the domestic blockchain venture seems to be considered a very luxurious one.
Dr. Shen Jie is the overall team leader of the National IoT Basic Standards Working Group and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Dr. Ph.D., who has led the development of the world's first IoT reference structure international standard ISO / IES30141 on behalf of China. He also served as a representative of China's Internet of Things and industry consultants, has repeatedly mounted CCTV's financial programs.
Internet of Things + Blockchain is one of the hottest topics right now and see what IOTA gets. Dr. Shen as the authority of the domestic industry, but also joined the blockchain entrepreneurial army, he led the Internet of Things + six chain link to the project!
Under the leadership of Shen Jie, the team started to carry out the practice of agriculture in the field of agriculture. On the one hand, it established six regional blockchain joint labs and started to build Six Domain Chain (SDChain) - the world's first converged Internet of Things "Six-domain model" international, national standards and distributed blockchain reference architecture standard decentralized public blockchain ecosystem.
Six-domain chain "take full account of the characteristics of IOT technology and business needs of ecological construction, digital asset issuance, user credit identity management, P2P communications, encryption algorithms, consensus algorithms, smart contracts, cross-linked contract mode, market consensus incentives, to the center DApp, and rapid access to new services. The Company optimized in depth the existing blockchain technology in order to ensure the benign, rapid and sustainable development of the business of the six-area chain business, Coexistence and common prosperity, efficient circulation of credit digital assets and value transformation, create a block chain and the Internet of Things to promote the development of physical community a global benchmark.
Six core chain of core business mainly include:
(1) To promote the establishment of business ecology and DApp in different industries based on the IoT "six-domain model" reference architecture for application needs of specific industries, such as agricultural IOT, industrial IoT, energy IoT, etc., and provide DApp with numbers Asset issuance and digital credit identity registration, management, data link-up, data validation, data query, smart contract setting, smart contract triggering on six domain chains for various user entities and device entities in the Internet of Things , Automatic payment and other series of services to ensure the consistency of the data, authenticity and can not be falsified, the establishment of asymmetric credit mechanism between people and institutions (Asymmetric Credit Mechanism, ACM), to ensure the safe and effective data assets and value of the Internet.
(2) The fixed-issuance of six domain chain digital asset tokens - SDA (Six Domains Assets) for the circulation of digital assets, bookkeeping consumption and consensus rewards on the six-domain chain and the application of ecological hatching, community building, business cooperation and marketing Wait. As the six-domain chain business continues to flourish, the co-existence of the currency, chain and industrial internet of things will continue to enhance their respective values and benefits.
(3) Based on a large number of block-wise encrypted data asset resources in the six-domain chain, a new cooperation and win-win business ecosystem has been established to tap potential value, incubate innovative applications, drive Internet of Things technologies and artificial intelligence innovations, innovate financial services for Internet of Things, Items for Supply - 5 - Effective synergic development of service innovation, market service innovation, etc.
SDChain project information:
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Project Sponsor: Dr. Shen Jie, General Leader of National IOT Working Party, He is the authoritative expert on Internet of Things, he has 15 years experience in Internet of Things, and represents the leadership of China to develop the world's first IoT Reference Architecture International Standard ISO / IEC 30141, is the creator and chief editor of the "six-domain model" of the Internet of Things. Liu domain block chain joint laboratory sponsors, founder of Qingyu Tang, Fudan University, part-time professor. Dr. Shen interview with CCTV:
Project CEO: Pan Pan Qi David Pan co-chairman of the University of California, Berkeley undergraduate, the United States Golden Gate University, Master of Business Software Systems, Harvard University, Financial Master of Finance. Former Arm Asia Pacific Internet of Things Marketing Director, and the United States Asia capital international general manager.
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